The Tomislav Monument in the Media

The story about the monument to King Tomislav and all the problems to do with its setting up was at the centre of interest of the public and was covered by print media over the decades that went by. Published by the press were texts by leading figures in the arts and culture of the time who, with an affirmative stance on one hand, and a negative on the other, commented on all the phases of the planning and production of the monument. Tomislav was also often the topic of serious scholarly studies, as well as the subject of jokes and casual witticisms the product of which was frequent jocular caricatures printed in the dailies.

In the sequel is a selection of the more important newspaper articles and caricatures from which the perception of the monument among the people and in intellectual circles can be gathered.       

12.5.1935. (arhiva ARLIKUM)

Working animal, Horse tack, Bridle, Rein

1.7.1939. (arhiva ARLIKUM)

Zagrebački list, 19.5.1940. (arhiva ARLIKUM)

Zagrebački list, 1940. (arhiva ARLIKUM)

Jutarnji list,16.8.1940.

Zagrebački list, 19.8.1940.

Večer, 19.8.1940. (arhiva ARLIKUM)

Zagrebački list, 20.8.1940. (arhiva ARLIKUM)

Newspaper, Publication, Font

Zagrebački list, 22.8.1940.  

Material property, Newspaper, Font, Publication

Zagrebački list, 22.8.1940.

Material property, Newspaper, Publication, Font

Večer, 22.8.1940. (arhiva ARLIKUM)

Zagrebački list, 10.9.1940. (arhiva ARLIKUM)

Narodni list, 26.11.1947.

Vjesnik, 1991.

Gesture, Art, Font

Večer, 22.8.1940. (arhiva ARLIKUM)

Satirycus_22.8.1940 (arhiva ARLIKUM)

Organism, Mammal, Font, Art

Satyricus_18.1.1940. (arhiva ARLIKUM)

Human body, Mythical creature, Jaw, Gesture

 (arhiva ARLIKUM)

(arhiva ARLIKUM)

Working animal, Horse tack, Organism, Bridle

(arhiva ARLIKUM)

(arhiva ARLIKUM)